So I decided to get an acting coach- ignore the pretentious stigma - as a general tutor to help with audition material, sight-reading, use of body, an all round support system.

I chose Philip Rosch after reading lots of fantastic things about him, and in Today's session we worked on a lot of sight/cold readings, which were fun and I took from it that the thumb on the side of the page isn't always the best way to go - being free as if there is no paper, is much better.

It's that time of year again so we looked at a variety of classical and modern pieces for Drama School Auditions, some were very powerful and I look forward to working on them next week. Others very light and natural, and relating to my own life is a little easier. 

I hope to see him each week, and will keep you updated with what we get up to and the end results- the auditions!



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